Forged-ring products

What are forged rings?

Forged rings are the result of a process in which a piece of metal is forged into a ring-shaped product. This process takes place prior to the lathing process.

The strength of forged rings

Lower material costs: Significant savings in materials costs compared with lathe turning processes.

Lower processing costs: Significant lower coast and less rough machining compared with lathe-turned rings.

Stronger materials: Forged materials provide greater strength.


We produce upwards of 3,500 tons a month of metal parts, specializing in cylindrical shapes with outer diameters from 100 to 1,000 mm and widths of up to 225 mm. We also handle fabrication of eccentric or deformed shapes.

Straight productsStraight products

Deformed ring productDeformed ring product

Deformed ring productDeformed ring product


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