Materials and production capacity

Major products

Tanray answers your needs for timely delivery of high-quality products in a variety of shapes and sizes. Our integrated workflow can handle every phase of the manufacturing process from forging to assembly. Please contact us for a consultation.

Used material

Category Steel type
bearing steel High carbon chromium bearing steel SUJ2・SUJ3・etc
Stainless steel・Heat-resistant steel / Superalloys Stainless steel rods SUS303・SUS304・SUS304L・SUS316・SUS316L
Heat-resistant steel rods SUH660・SUH3・etc
Nickel and nickel alloy casting NMC426・etc
Carbon steel / alloy steel for machine parts Carbon steel for machine parts S10C~S55C・etc
Structural steel with guaranteed hardenability SCM415H・SCM420H・SCM435H・SCM440H・SCR420H
Tool steel / Hollow drill steel Alloy tool steel SKD61・SKD4・etc
Rolled steel bar for building structures SNR490B
Rolled steel for general structures SS400
Other Steel Rolled steel for welded structures SM490A
Other NSR-1・VC1・HNCM-1・SAC-1・SAE9315

Breakdown of manufacturing products

Manufacturing range of forged ring products

Ring manufacturing with a minimum outer diameter of 100 mm to a maximum outer diameter of 1000 mm

※Manufacturing range based on SUJ and SC materials, etc. Note,t he manufacturing weight varies for special steel (SUS, etc.).

Monthly Product Capacity

Forging 3,500 t (430,000piece)
Machining Process 170,000 pieces
Annealing 2,000t
Cutting for bearing (Called tsuttkiri) 20,000cut
Quenching / Tempering 60,000 pieces
Grinding End / outer grinding 100,000 pieces
Inner grinding 50,000 pieces

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