Corporate profile and history


Company name TANRAY Co., Ltd.
Address Head office factory

Head office factory
104-1, Otakou, Kita-ku
Niigata-shi, Niigata,
950-3313, Japan TEL:+81-25-387-1050

  The 2nd factory

The 2nd factory
1794-3, Sasaki, Shibata-shi, Niigata,
957-0082, Japan

Business description Manufacturing of metal parts
Founded September 1917
Capital 30 million Yen
Total number of employee 270

Head office factory
Forging, heat treatment, lathe turning, cutting

The 2nd factory
Lathe turning and grinding factory

Executive officers Representative director  Naoyuki Takahashi
Executive director       Makoto Eguchi etc.
Auditor                 Ryuzo Sato
Shareholders Takahashi
Tomio Takahashi
Sumitomo Corporation etc.
Banking services The Daishi Bank, Ltd. Head Offices・The Taiko Bank, Ltd. Shibata Nishi branch・Niigata Credit Union Shibata branch・Shoko Chukin Bank Niigata branch・The Hokuetsu Bank Shibata branch・JA Bank Niigata・Mizuho Bank Niigata branch・Mizuho Trust & Banking Niigata branch・Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Niigata branch・Japan Finance Corporation
(In no particular order))
Main customer NSK.,・NTN corporation・Nippon Thompson co.,Ltd・Nachi-Fujikoshi.corp・Sumitomo Corporation・Taiyoshoji Co., Ltd・Nakatani Corporation
(Listed in no particular order)
Suppliers NSK.,・NTN corporation・Nachi-Fujikoshi.corp・Usui Kozai Co., Ltd.・Nozaki Chugoro Shoten Co., Ltd.
(Listed in no particular order)
Annual businesss \6.273 billion (FY ended March 2012)
Payment terms Accounts close on the 20th of each month and payment for the full amount is made on the 20th of the following month by bank transfer for amounts of less than \300,000 or by 120-day notes payable for those of \300,000 or more.
Real estate owned

Head office factory
Ground area 97,414㎡
Total floor space 17,370㎡

The 2nd factory
Ground area 3,306㎡
Total floor space 1,421㎡

September 1917 :Founded
May 1952 :Reorganized as Isobe Iron Works
December 1983 :Forging department breaks off and Isobe Kogyo is established.
May 2004 :Changed trade name to TANRAY KOGYO.
December 2006 :Acquired ISO 9001 certification.
November 2008 :Acquired ISO 14001 certification.
October 2010 :Expanded facilities and added 2nd factory.
January 2011 :Began partnership with Sumitomo Corporation.
June 2012 :Completed 2nd forging factory / cutting factory and 3rd heat treatment factory.

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